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Full Tort vs. Limited Tort

Most Pennsylvania drivers are in the dark when it comes to the differences between choosing Full Tort Insurance, and Limited Tort Insurance. The choice between full and limited tort insurance coverage can end up having an affect not only yourself, but your family as well.

Full Tort

Full Tort insurance coverage will allow the policyholder to sue another driver for pain and suffering, as long as that driver is at fault. Typically, Full tort insurance premiums are more expensive to purchase, however, it can save you much more in compensation that you are entitled to in the event of an accident to compensate for injuries.

With Full Tort coverage in Pennsylvania, there is a lower threshold in order to recover for relatively less serious injuries. For example, a person will full tort insurance that suffered a back strain or ankle sprain may pursue a claim for their injuries.

Limited Tort

By choosing a Limited Tort insurance policy, you may be saving an extra expense for auto coverage. However, limited tort policyholders give up the right to sue another driver for injuries sustained in car accident unless they have suffered a serious impairment. In addition, limited tort policyholders also waive their right to sue another driver for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can be overwhelming to you and your loved ones for months and sometimes years following a car accident.

Simon & Simon has relentlessly fought for victims of car accidents who have limited tort insurance in Pennsylvania. If you have been seriously injured as a result of a car accident in PA, and have limited tort insurance coverage, please contact us today so that our limited tort specialists can obtain the compensation you deserve.

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